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My name is Itara and I am a book blogger. I started this blog to talk about my love for books. I was reading at a pretty fast rate and I wanted to keep track of all the books I was reading and what I thought of them. This was early 2012. I read 3 series in a month, 9 books and I thought to myself that those were a lot of books and how was I ever going to remember all the different stories because there were so many other books that I wanted to read, so I started this blog. 

I took a break for about six months because of personal issues but now I'm back and better than ever. I just had my second child, she's 4 months as of May 7 and my boy is almost 2 1/2 and oh my God how time flies! You never really know that until you have kids, and boy do they grow up fast! Currently I'm a stay at home mom and student. I've been with my high school sweet heart for 10 years, we have been married for 7 years.

In this blog you will find book reviews, memes, and other books related posts. I'm pretty friendly and if you follow me let me know and I will always follow back. 

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