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Spotlight: Tunuftol's Fortress of Light by Ann Snizek

Book Title:  Tunuftol's Fortress of Light (Book 1)
Author:  Ann Snizek
Release Date:  January 29, 2013
Genre:  YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Length:  Over 75,000 Words
Publisher:  Snow Flower Publishing, Editing & Reviews
Presented by:  As You Wish Tours


Krissa and her little brother, Micah, have been pushed around the foster system until they find themselves in the care of "Grandma" Athey. Krissa begins having unusual dreams and her brother knows more than she thinks. Their new friends, Pin, and her twin brother, Khevin, join forces to unravel Krissa's questions. Krissa has become The Chosen One and is drawn into a mission against an evil faction that usurped the throne from Khevin's family. With a group of friends accumulated from school, Krissa learns to control her new found powers and follow her dreams back to the world they all fled from as small children…

Blood or Oil of Sweet Champagne
Float or Fly or Stay the Same
Up or Down or Way Below
You Must Choose Which Way to Go


"I don't know how many times it repeated, and I could smell the flowers the whole time. You think it‘s weird?" Pin tipped her head sideways and scrunched up her face as Krissa came out with the new outfit on. Pin studied the clothes as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

"You have no idea how weird. Wait till you hear about what was in Micah's dream," Krissa said struggling to maintain control of her voice as her body stiffened and her head spun.

"How's the clothing hunt coming along ladies?" Grandma Athey interrupted them cheerfully, but the look on her face made Krissa suspicious that the woman eavesdropped.

"Not bad!" Pin announced. "I think we're done here." Pin had a very satisfied look on her face.

Krissa changed back to her own clothes and tried to grasp the information on Pin's dream. Micah stood quietly by with his large eyes not missing a thing, looking solidly at his sister when she emerged from the changing room with the last outfit in hand. The brother and sister exchanged their looks in silence.

Krissa and Micah told Pin about their own dreams when they stopped to place an order at the local pizza shop, and continued in hushed tones on their way to the next stop. Krissa included the weird stuff that had happened in the attic, finally choosing to accept that she wasn't going crazy, not yet anyway. She couldn't help but wonder why this was happening, or what would happen next. Pin suggested that they enlist Khevin's help.

"Khevin's really good with things like this. He'll know how to help," Pin said.

Krissa had barely met Khevin, and didn't want him thinking she was insane, but found that she trusted Pin. Normally she struggled with trust, even within herself, but for some reason, she felt as close to Pin as if they had known each other their whole lives. So, she hesitantly agreed and pulled strength enough from deep within to face whatever might come at her.

The van pulled into the parking lot at the middle school. Anxiety tugged at Krissa with the memories of past battles. She desperately wished Micah would have an especially large growth spurt so that he wouldn't stand out quite as much. However, she would be in the same building as Micah, and she tried to focus on the positives.

The school grounds lay in a waiting silence during the extended weekend break from students. In the office Mrs. Boske filled out a mound of papers and spoke to the ladies there for what Krissa deemed an agonizing eternity. Mrs. Hillard and the office secretary granted Pin permission to show Krissa and Micah around the school if they didn't disturb anything, and they gratefully went for their tour.

The school's floor plan seemed easy enough to follow, and Pin chatted away about the classrooms and teachers. The school had half-lockers and Pin showed them hers. Micah joked that he could barely see into the top locker and hoped he would get a lower one.

Pushing open the double doors into the gym, Pin started explaining how it held the assemblies too; the bleachers got pulled out like during games. Out of the corner of her eye, Krissa caught a glimpse of her brother and spun around to face him.

"Micah, are you alright?" Krissa asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

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                                                       AUTHOR BIO

I grew up in Vermont mostly and now live in Virginia with my family (those still at home). My husband and I have a blended family of seven kids. My childhood was spent moving around a lot. (non-military) About five years ago, we started home-schooling our youngest children. Now there are only two remaining in home-school. I have tried to nurture the love of books in our children and now our grandchildren -- always nurturing their imaginations. Recently, I have become active in our community with literacy, starting a local (and online) creative writing club and volunteer tutoring at the Adult Learning Center.
I struggle with Fibromyalgia and PTSD. So, have to be careful not to overdo things... I don't always listen to my own advice. I have a dry, sarcastic and corny sense of humor and always try to look at things optimistically. (again not always successful) However, I feel that if I don't give up -- for long -- then things will work out for the best eventually.



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Armchair BEA Fiction Genre

                                                Design credit to Nina of Nina Reads

                               Genre: Fiction

I love fiction, in fact I read nothing but fiction. My favorites are paranormal romances, romance, fantasy, and contemporary. I have read sci-fi but it's not my favorite and it has to grasp my attention from the beginning. I don't read any horror or mystery, although maybe I should read mystery because I like all the cop shows.

Fiction books I recommend:
My Runes Review
Moon Spell by Samantha Young Review
City of Bones Review
City of Ashes Review
So far I've read 4 of Cassandra Clare's books and I've loved them.


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Armchair BEA Classics

                                                  Design credit to Nina of Nina Reads


I shamefully have not read any classics, I know I suck. I do own most of Jane Austin's books on my Kindle but I have yet to read them. I'm not really a classics person, maybe one day I'll read them but it's really not my thing. I would like to read some classics but they are not in my immediate TBR list.


My BEA Armachair Introduction

Design credit to Nina of Nina Reads

Q: Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? 

I am Itara, I've been consistently blogging since March of this year. I started blogging to share me love for books and to keep track of what I read. 

Q: Where in the world are you blogging from? Tell a random fact or something special about your current location. Feel free to share pictures. 

I currently live in Virginia because of my husband's job, he's in the military. We are moving back home where we grew up in south Florida. We have 2 kids, my boy is 2 1/2 years old and my baby girl is almost 5 months old. 

Q: Have you previously participated in Armchair BEA? What brought you back for another year? If you have not previously participated, what drew you to the event? 

This has been my first year. I wanted to attend BEA in person but was unable to, but I'm sure I will someday. 

Q: What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2013?  

Tangled (Tangled, #1) This is what I'm currently reading & it's so good. The main character is really funny.

Runes by Ednah Walters This has been my favorite book so far this year. It's so good and interesting to me, the perfect genre I like to read, paranormal romance.

Q: Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you. 

I used to draw when I was young and I've been trying to get back into it.

Q: Name your favorite blog(s) and explain why they are your favorite(s).   

They are listed on my blog to the right.

Q: Which is your favorite post that you have written that you want everyone to read? 

OMG, this is a hard one. I don't really have one in particular, I think they are all good.

Q: If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why? 

I have to pick Cassandra Clare author of The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices series. I have only read The Mortal Instruments and I loved it and I can't wait to see the movie. I recently got Clockwork Princess so I will start that series soon. I would like to have dinner with her to talk about her books, her upcoming projects, and I would like to know what a typical day for her would be.
A character that I would like to know would have tot be Jace from the same series. Instead of dinner I would like to go to the institute where he lives and have him show me what a day in his life would be.

I also really like Ednah Walters author of the Runes series, she is so cool to talk to. She is very approachable and friendly, I really enjoy our talks. I'd love to have dinner with her to discuss her books, upcoming projects and anything else she'd like to share.

Q: What literary location would you most like to visit? Why? 

The institute from TMI series, it sounds like a really cool place to go to and many important scenes happened there.

Q: What is your favorite part about the book blogging community? 

I love interacting with other bloggers, there's nothing like people sharing their love for books.

Q: Is there anything that you would like to see change in the coming years?

I hope to meet many more amazing bloggers and learn about other great books.


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It's Monday What are You Reading? # 2


 This feature is hosted by Book Journey.

Tangled (Tangled, #1)

Drew Evans is a winner. Handsome and arrogant, he makes multimillion dollar business deals and seduces New York’s most beautiful women with just a smile. He has loyal friends and an indulgent family. So why has he been shuttered in his apartment for seven days, miserable and depressed? 

He’ll tell you he has the flu.

But we all know that’s not really true.

Katherine Brooks is brilliant, beautiful and ambitious. She refuses to let anything - or anyone - derail her path to success. When Kate is hired as the new associate at Drew’s father’s investment banking firm, every aspect of the dashing playboy’s life is thrown into a tailspin. The professional competition she brings is unnerving, his attraction to her is distracting, his failure to entice her into his bed is exasperating. 

Then, just when Drew is on the cusp of having everything he wants, his overblown confidence threatens to ruin it all. Will he be able untangle his feelings of lust and tenderness, frustration and fulfillment? Will he rise to the most important challenge of his life? 

Can Drew Evans win at love? 

Tangled is not your mother’s romance novel. It is an outrageous, passionate, witty narrative about a man who knows a lot about women…just not as much as he thinks he knows. As he tells his story, Drew learns the one thing he never wanted in life, is the only thing he can’t live without.

I'm really liking this book, I've laughed out loud so many times.

What are you guys reading?
Have a good week everyone!


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(STS) Stacking The Shelves # 4 & Birthday Haul

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These are weekly features that shows all the books you're gotten, either physical or in your device. Visit the blogs to sign up

Received For Review

From a local book store

Amazon order
A signed poster came with the Fey box set

In my Kindle





                       Demon Kissed (Demon Kissed, #1)      

What did you guys get this week?

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Feature Follow # 5

Feature Follow is a weekly blog hop. For more information and to join go to Parajunkee'sblog or Alison Can Read's Blog This weekly feature is all about meeting new bloggers and making new friends. Post a comment on this post saying that you're a follower and I will follow back.

 Q: The #FF is 150 weeks old! And we want to hear from you! What would you change about the hop? What do you like about it? Or just suggest a question to be used for next week!

I absolutely love this feature because of the many bloggers I get to meet every week.

I'm new to it so I have no idea what to ask cause it's probably already been asked :(

Today 5/24 is my birthday! I will have a huge IMM & STS this week, I'm so excited.


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Review and Author Interview: Holding On and Letting Go (The Ties That Bind Us # 1)

Author: Lucy A. Kelly
Sereis: The Ties That Bind Us # 1
Source: Sent By Author
Publisher: K. Coleman
Published: March 10, 2013
Author Info is below

Is there a way to describe the ties that bind us together? What happens when one of those ties is unexpectedly severed? Can everything else remain the same? Will the other ties hold strong?

Two years after her little brother's death, sixteen year old Emerson Caulfield returns to a 

home that she spent the last two years missing. In theory, everything should be the same. 
Her best friend, Matt, still lives next door. Her house is in the exact same condition
as they left it. The scenery and hallways haven't changed, yet for Emerson, everything is
completely different. The place may be the same, but Emerson is most certainly not. She 
returns home hurt, angry, and miles away from the girl she once was.

The 60,000 word novel alternates between the perspectives of Emerson, who is struggling
to keep breathing on a daily basis, and Matt, who wants to have his old best friend back so 
badly that he is willing to overlook the fact that she has completely changed. Though their 
friendship and relationship is a major part of the story, it takes backseat to the unique bonds 
between siblings, what happens when your worst enemy is in fact yourself, and the hardships
that come with growing up and changing. (Synopsis)

My Thoughts:

This book was breaking my heart from beginning to almost the end, where it actually ripped it out completely. I have a really soft spot for children so I was so sad that Emerson's brother died so young. Don't get me wrong this was a great book, it just hit too close to home for me in more aspects than one. 

This book was full of emotional characters: there's Emerson who's brother died and she is trying to deal with it and on her way there she makes horrible decisions. Although she was unrecognizable compared to who she used to be, I loved Emerson. She was a great character , I especially liked that she did not take anyone's bull, so if she got picked on she retaliated. I'm so tired of reading about main characters that don't stand up for themselves! This story is about Emerson trying to find her way back to as normal as she can get after she has lost the most important person in the world to her. I really understood her struggle and there's no right or wrong way of mourning and healing. 
Matt (also my son's name) is Emerson's best friend and wants to be her friend and help her heal, if she lets him back in her life. He is in love with her and wants to be there for her whether she likes it or not. I enjoyed seeing how much he cared for Emerson and to what extremes he took his affection. I like how the story was also told from his perspective. We saw how he was internally struggling with not knowing how to deal with Emerson, like when to give her space and when to console her. 
Brad, Emerson's older brother takes legal guardianship of her because their relationship is shot to hell to put it lightly. He's such a good brother, he described her to be his Peter; that's how much he cares for her. He also tries to keep the peace between his parents and Emerson, he actually talks to their parents.
There are other characters that Emerson gets close to as she starts to open up some more as she starts to heal. There was also the mean cheerleader: Savannah, who Emerson had something to say right when they met...
"Savannah seems like an annoying mosquito that I kind of want to swat." And after that she did not let Savannah bully her. 
Savannah wasn't that bad, for most of the story she backed off of Emerson.

This book deserves 5/5 because it's such a great heartwarming story about love, loss, and self awareness. It made me laugh, it made me cringe at times, it made me angry, and it definitely made me cry. I wish I could say so much more, but that I don't want to give any more away, so just go read the book so we can talk about it. I recommend it to everyone and can't wait for the next book.

Author Interview:

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

To be blunt, the belief that teenagers have actual depth to them.  After teaching high school teenagers for six years, I know they have so much more compassion and insight than the way they often get depicted in the media.  I can make one promise.  I will never write one book that contains a stereotypical teen.  I don't believe in stereotypes, and I don't think teenagers should have to read about dramatized versions of themselves.  

Q: What is your favorite scene & character?

Tough question.  As a person, I love all of the scenes where Emerson deals with her emotions toward her siblings.  Sometimes the relationships between siblings is glossed over in books, but a person's relationship with his/her sibling(s) is so important.  If you have a sibling, I'm sure you know what I mean.  It's a bit of a tightrope to walk.  If you are like me, you enjoy pushing your sibling's buttons.  Sorry, big brother!  With that said, I also love my brother so incredibly much even when I am purposefully annoying him.  

As a reader, my favorite scenes are any where Savannah and Emerson collide.  In some ways, the comedy of the situation is that those two characters are somewhat alike despite their refusal to acknowledge it.  As a writer, my favorite character is Emerson.  Her voice is the closest to my own, so she is often the easiest character for me to write.  

Q: Was it difficult to write such an emotional book?

Yes, in the sense that I too cried at scenes I wrote.  I've gotten more than one e-mail from readers noting that my book brought out tears that they didn't know they had in them.  The thing is, I cried writing it.  I'm sure there are better writers who can write emotional scenes without feeling it, but in order for me to write an actual emotional scene that has sincerity to it, I have to go to the dark place with the characters.  It's not necessarily a bad thing.  I will fully admit that I ugly cried writing different parts of the book.
Q: What message do you want readers to take from this book?

I have two messages.  First, asking for help is never a sign of weakness.  I hate when words like "depression" or "anxiety" get whispered as though they are taboo topics.  It is perfectly acceptable to need help every once in awhile.  Second, when you get knocked down, you have to get back up again.  I recognize that it's not easy.  In the interest of being honest, I've gotten knocked on my butt several times in my life.  The thing is, things do and can get better.  It never hurts to hear that message.

Q: What makes this book stand out from the rest?

The characters.  I honestly believe it is impossible not to fall in love with one of the characters in the book.  As someone once put it, "the characters are people you wish you could take to dinner".  None of the characters are perfect.  They all make mistakes.  The flaws are what makes characters realistic.  If you are like me, you don't want to read about the perfect person.  I want to read about somebody incredibly imperfect who is doing the best that he/she can.

Q: I see that this is the first in a series, how many books will there be and when do you think they will be published? 

As it stands now, there will be two more.  I am currently writing the final chapter of the second one which has been really fun to write.  I established the world and relationships in the first book; in the second book, I get to dig deeper into secondary characters.  I'm hoping to have book three completed by the end of the summer.  All I will say about book three is that it is going to be worth the wait.  If book one set up the fireworks, book two finishes lighting them.  Thus, book three is the explosion.  I already have the third book mapped out.  I am incredibly excited to write it.  Unlike the first two books, it will alternate between at least four characters' perspectives.  The reader finally gets to see all of the relationships and bonds from every angle.

About the author:

Lucy A. Kelly

I'm not really going to write a biography. Though I am supportive of the high schools and colleges I have attended, it's probably not actually the most interesting stuff about me. I'm going to do a list of five really random things instead for now.

1) I like making lists. It's weird, and I never actually scratch things off of the list.
2) I sing and dance in the car like a maniac.
3) For the first six years of my life, I truly believed a shark lived under my bed. I watched Jaws at too young of an age.
4) Without a doubt, I am a night person. I am enormously grumpy when first woken up in the morning.
5) When I was younger, I read almost every Nancy Drew book, both new and old. I had a notebook, and I would take notes to see if I could figure out who the "bad guy" was before Nancy did. We probably tied.

Social Links:


I would like to thank the author, Lucy A. Kelly for writing an amazing book and for having me as part of her blog tour. I appreciated you sending me your book and I really enjoyed it.


It's Monday! What are you reading? # 2


  This feature is hosted by Book Journey.

Parched (Parched, #1) by Z.L Arkadie

Sent to me by author through Goodreads first reads

Discover a delicious new vampire novel series that will leave you yearning for more... Parched, Book ONE, A Paranormal Romance.

"Baron Ford," he says and pauses to pick apart my expression, attempting to read how familiar I am with that name. I nod stiffly to give no indication I know exactly, who that is. I'm shocked to hear it in this setting, at this stage of my life, the one far away from Cambridge, Massachusetts over five years later."

Advertising Executive, Clarity Parker thought she would never see Baron Ford again. Five years ago, she fell in love with him on their magical first date and then poof--he literally vanished into thin air. That's why she's stunned to hear his name again. After all, five years have passed since that night, and now, to add intrigue to insult, he's requested that she be exclusively assigned to his multi-million dollar account.

Clarity makes every effort to avoid Baron Ford but when he finally catches up to her he issues a warning; things are not safe for her in the city anymore, especially since the strange fog has settled over Manhattan.

Before the foggy day is over Clarity's entire world will come crashing down. Everything about her life that she thought was true is a lie! And there's no time to question her soap opera star mother or business mogul father about it because Baron was right, her life is in danger, and so is his!

One thing's for sure, from this point on, the world as Clarity Parker knows it will never be the same.

The Last Witch (Incenaga, #1)

Sent to me for review and blog tour

For generations the Incenaga Witches have been forced to use their power to fulfill the wishes of others until they are drained of their magic and left to die. Desperate to protect his infant daughter - the last surviving witch - Emmeline’s father escapes with her to the forests where he vows to keep her hidden from the world and from the truth. 

Sixteen years later, Emmeline is discovered and finds herself in the grip of a traitor who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means abusing her power until she dies. As she fights to regain her freedom she is faced with a choice between a prince who offers a lifetime of security and a common gamekeeper who has no idea of her power, but offers his heart. 

But who can she trust when her power can be used against her?

What I'll be reading next:

Received from Netgalley

Behind the Faerying Mysts, hidden from Mortal eyes, is a land where gods and creatures of myth and legend dwell. And in the Mortal Realm, their Princess is hidden away.

Quinn Sinclair lives an ordinary life with her less-than-loving mother in Conifer, Colorado, clueless of her true nature. On the night of her birthday, a staggering betrayal sends her life spinning out-of-control. As she struggles to pick up the pieces, a vision of a man with haunting tourmaline-blue eyes begs her for help, and she is transported into a Magykal battle-forever changing her life.

Arik Morgaine-Demigod bad boy and outcast of the Magykal Realm-tried to avoid contact with Princess Quinn for eighteen years, not wanting to make good on an old threat. But the fates have other plans. Arik can no longer deny his growing desire for Quinn, or the need to protect her from those wanting to control her burgeoning powers. Can the two of them come together and save the Magykal Realm from being destroyed by the Darkest of Magyks?

The Underground Witch (Incenaga, #2)

Received for review and blog tour

As the last of the Incenaga Witches, Emmeline has been tortured and forced to use her power to kill. But unlike the Incenagas before her, she has survived. With her freedom restored, she should feel safe, invincible even. After all, she has the protection of Prince Erick’s army and a power strong enough to obliterate any enemy. Yet Emmeline lives in fear for the next person who will try to control her, and no one can seem to find the tyrant threatening to claim her. 

Until it’s too late. 

With everything on the line, and the enemy at her throat, will Emmeline be able to use her power like never before? Even if it kills her? 

In The Underground Witch, the second novel of the Incenaga Trilogy, Debbie Dee delivers enough adventure, heartbreak, and suspense to captivate readers at every turn.

What are you all reading?