Review Policy

*Accepting books for review at the moment!

Books I like to review
NA, Adult & YA  Fiction
Paranormal romance
Romance! If there isn't romance in a book, I won't read it.
Mystery Thrillers

Not interested in:
Historical Fiction

What I like:
Love triangles
Steamy scenes
Plot Twists

What I don't like:
I hate cliffhangers. The only way I'll read a book with a cliffhanger is if the next book is out or if the series is already out.  
I don't like authors that kill off characters just for the hell of it. I don't like death at all but it's part of life and books. 
I hate cheating in books, it kills the experience for me. There's no point in ever doing that. 

If you would like me to participate in a blog tour, author interview, or anything of that sort please contact me with ample time for me to read the book, about a month before. If that time frame is not possible then contact me to work something out and I will do a post of your liking except a review, we can schedule it for another date. I am always willing to work with you as far as my available dates.

I will accept ebooks, paperback, and hard covers. I prefer a physical copy if available, but if it's not a possibility I'll be happy with an ebook. 

I accept  books depending on my reading pile at the moment, if it interests me, or if it's an author that I've worked with before.

I thank you for considering me and I hope you enjoy my blog.

Contact Info:
Easiest and fastest way to get in touch with me is through DM on Instagram: @bookishgirlreads

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