Monday, May 7, 2012

To read this week

I just purchased the next two books in the Lunarmorte series by Samantha Young: River Cast and Blood Solstice. I will be reading these this week. I'm excited to read them and interested to see what happens in these books; how the story keeps unfolding. Before reading the first in the series, i wasn't looking to read a series, i wanted to read a stand alone novel, but i liked the cover for this one and i thought the other books in this series weren't out yet. I have read three series straight and i just didn't want to do that, but I'm so into this story that I'm going to read the rest of it. For sure the upcoming books I read after this series are probably going to be Sarah Dessen, one of her books I'm not sure which.

I got a new Kindle, and the transition is pretty hard for me. I have many books that i need to read in paperback and hardcover, but I wanted the experience of reading on my Kindle. It feels pretty weird I must admit, I'll get used to it, I think.
Enjoy reading!  

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