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Review: The Last Witch and The Underground Witch

Author: Debbie Dee
Series: Incenaga # 1
Source: Received the book for review
Published: September 12, 2012

Book Synopsis
For generations the Incenaga Witches have been forced to use their power to fulfill the wishes of others until they are drained of their magic and left to die. Desperate to protect his infant daughter - the last surviving witch - Emmeline’s father escapes with her to the forests where he vows to keep her hidden from the world and from the truth. 

Sixteen years later, Emmeline is discovered and finds herself in the grip of a traitor who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means abusing her power until she dies. As she fights to regain her freedom she is faced with a choice between a prince who offers a lifetime of security and a common gamekeeper who has no idea of her power, but offers his heart. 

But who can she trust when her power can be used against her?


I liked this story, it was well written and it made me forget I was reading as I was swept into the story. Debbie can surely write suspense! I was at the edge of my seat for many parts of the book. There was some character development; Emmeline learned many things about herself that she didn't even think were possible like that she was a witch as well as what really happened to her mother and why. I hated the fact that other people could control Incenaga witches because they felt so vulnerable. The "Master" I guess you can call them, do not have any regard for their health because they make them use so much power that it would kill them. Emmeline will stop at nothing to stop people from controlling her and her power. I really liked Erick, he was a breath of fresh air, he was so sweet and wanted nothing from Emmeline, it seemed like everyone wanted something from her if not everything.

The story starts off with soldiers coming for Emmeline. Her father has protected her all her life by keeping her away from people because if they see her eyes they will know that she is an Incenaga witch, which can be controlled by anyone who can look into their eyes when they shine the brightest. Usually country leaders look for the witches in order to get rid of their competition and intimidate others. Incenaga witches were used to kill opposing armies and they were all dead because their master abuses their power, if they use too much of their power it kills them. That is why it is so important for Emmeline to be protected, she is the only one left. Emmeline has not met anyone and she longs to have relationships with people or to even talk to them. She doesn’t know that she is a witch, she just thinks that she’s been isolated with her father for her protection.
So Mahlon comes for her so she can marry the Crown Prince for her protection. Emmeline has no idea that her father made a deal long ago for the Crown Prince to marry her because he would inherit their army, which is the best. At the palace Mahlon was trying to control her the entire time, he would take her to the woods to light a fire and when she didn’t open her eyes for him he would beat her and the next night he would do it again. Of course I didn’t like that.

What didn’t work for me:
The fact that Emmeline didn’t know what was going on the entire book. She didn’t know she was a witch, what happened to her mother, that she was betrothed to the Crown Prince, and other information about herself. I would have also liked some history about the Incenaga witches, where they came from, how to master her powers. Emmeline spent the whole book waiting for the Crown Prince and she just did things to occupy her time.

The Last Witch gets a 3/5 stars because I thought there were a few things missing for me. My first reaction was that it was a great book, but then I thought that if it included a little bit of history then it would have been great for me.

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Author: Debbie Dee
Series: Incenaga # 2
Source: Received for review
Published: May 2, 2013

Book Synopsis

As the last of the Incenaga Witches, Emmeline has been tortured and forced to use her power to kill. But unlike the Incenagas before her, she has survived. With her freedom restored, she should feel safe, invincible even. After all, she has the protection of Prince Erick’s army and a power strong enough to obliterate any enemy. Yet Emmeline lives in fear for the next person who will try to control her, and no one can seem to find the tyrant threatening to claim her. 

Until it’s too late. 

With everything on the line, and the enemy at her throat, will Emmeline be able to use her power like never before? Even if it kills her? 

In The Underground Witch, the second novel of the Incenaga Trilogy, Debbie Dee delivers enough adventure, heartbreak, and suspense to captivate readers at every turn.


I really liked this second book. I thought there was great character development in both main characters and there was a lot of Incenaga history, which was what was missing for me in the first book. Emmeline learned so much about where the line of witches came from, more secrets about her mother. I really enjoyed reading those parts of books, pretty much when everything comes together and you find your “aha” moment. For me it’s more like “hmm so that’s why this and this happened, it all makes sense now”.

In the beginning Erick receives a letter saying that someone is coming for Emmeline and they know that she is a witch, and that they will stop at nothing to take her with them. And the story takes off, I never know what to say about it because I don’t want to give away the whole story. Tiergan was the new ruler that was coming for Emmeline. When he captured her instead of beating her like Mahlon used to do to gain control over her, he gave her the best of what his country had to offer and when that didn’t work he put her in a pit where there were snakes sometimes to scare her.
There were new characters in this second book; there was Tiergan the antagonist, he was ruthless. There was his assassin Demyan, who could kill on command and not even think twice. He also had incredible strength almost unnatural. And other characters that were just as awesome and interesting to read about but those are a mystery.

I give The Underground Witch 4/5, I really liked it and I’m interested to see what happens in the next book because it will be Emmeline’s biggest battle.  

About the Author

Debbie Dee recently moved to southern Idaho with her husband and three children where she is learning how to be a country girl in her favorite pair of blue heels. She adores fairy tales and happy endings, but secretly crushes on the bad guy now and then. 

As a dedicated musician who practices way too much, she never expected writing would sweep her off her feet until she jotted down a scene from a daydream, which turned into two scenes, which turned into a messy house and her first novel. Since then she hasn’t been able to let a day go by without writing. 

In addition to writing, she plays the piano, harp, violin, and gets in frequent fights with her cello. She loves to read and play board games - when she is winning. 


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