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Review- Shattering Halos by Sunniva Dee

Shattering Halos (Halos, #1)

Shattering Halos by Sunniva Dee
Series: Halos # 1
Genre: Paranormal/ Angels
Published: February 24, 2014
Source: Received for review
My Rating

I traded my death for love. I wasn’t given a choice. His decision has caught up with us, so now I am a living, breathing catalyst to war between Heaven and Hell.

The violations he committed saved my life. Since the collision, he’s appeared everywhere. In my hospital room, my school, even my house. He shows up in my paintings, my drawings, in all of my art projects. I can’t stop thinking about him.

He says his name is Gabriel, and he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He doesn’t know how I can see him or why he wants me in ways that should be impossible for a Celestial.

My obsession grows. I need him to hold me, kiss me—give all of himself. For every day he protects me, the consequences loom darker and taller. Soon, they’ll crash down on us.

The war is about to begin.

I really loved this book not only because of the story but because it got me out of a paranormal funk. For about 10 months I haven't been able to read anything paranormal except about angels and it's only been like 2 books, so this book showed me that I can read this genre again and it makes me so excited. 

The story definitely caught my eye in the beginning and kept my attention the entire time. I liked what I was reading and wanted to know more about the world. I liked how the story wasn't complicated because sometimes there's so much going on that you can't remember half of it and I'm happy to say that this one was easy to keep up with. 

I loved the characters, Cassiel, Gabriel's brother was absolutely hilarious, I loved him he was my favorite character. He was a bad boy and charmed women's pants off but he was beautiful so we'll forgive him, lol. He was a fallen angel which meant that he wasn't in heaven and that he did naughty things. Some parts where in his POV and I thought that was cool. He was so entertaining and funny.

"Okay, you're beaming at her. Will you snap out of it?"
"Hey thanks for turning me into a goddamn commentator here. You caught that she's seeing you, right?"
"Have fun with the cleanup! Oh, and by the way: you're plunging us face first into some hilarious times. Thanks, bro." 

That was at the scene of the car accident where Gaia was the only survivor because Gabriel saved her from dying. He couldn't let her die. Angels were meant to protect so humans couldn't see them but somehow she could see him everywhere she went after that day. A decision that Cassiel did not agree with at all, he liked his life; doing whatever he wanted without drawing attention to himself from anyone above. So he knew that Gabriel's decision was going to be an epic fail and threaten everything he's worked for. That was just one of the hilarious scenes that I loved. 

I really loved the dynamic in this book, nothing seemed forced, everything just blended together. One thing that got me thinking that wasn't necessary was Cassiel kept on flirting and using his powers on his brother's girl. That's not cool if he weren't playing around about it. It wasn't really serious but I don't think it did anything to better the story. Gaia, that poor girl didn't know what was happening to her when he would put his charm on her, but she figured it out lol. She was also a good character, she didn't stand out to me because I was so stuck on Cassiel lol. Overall I'm glad I read this book because it got me out of my funk and I was able to really enjoy it. So I'm not a lost cause after all lol. I'm looking forward to the next book which already came out. I recommend this series to any NA/Paranormal/Fantasy lover. 

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