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Review: River Cast (Lunarmorte 2) By Samantha Young

River Cast (The Tale of Lunarmorte #2) By: Samantha Young

Series: Lunarmorte 2 
Book: bought, Kindle
Author’s info: The World of Lunarmorte
Publisher: CreateSpace

Enter a world of fierce wolves, stunning magic and romance... 

Swept into the world of the Daylight Coven, Caia is caught between her loyalty to the Daylights and her new insight into the hearts of the Midnights. As more obstacles are thrown in her and Lucien's way, Caia is pushed further adrift from him and Pack Errante. With no one to turn to, Caia has to make the most difficult choice of all... 

Who does she truly belong with? The Daylights or the Midnights?


The second edition in the Lunarmorte series starts off right where the first book left off. This book is more focused on Caia and Lucien as well as Jaeden. There are many secrets as well as on the first book, and also nothing is what it seems. I really enjoyed the aspect of two stories unfolding at the same time. If I say much about Jaeden, I might spoil it, what I can say is that she tries to find her own path away from the pack because of what happened to her in the first book. I felt so bad for her in the first book, I was hoping for her to find some happiness and she does in this book. Her story is about her dealing with her painful past as well as opening up to someone new. I love that she is in this book almost as much as Caia and Lucien because Jaeden is such a captivating character.

Caia and Lucien go to the Center in order for Caia to further her magic powers. Caia wants to learn more and get better, so she’s exploring with that side of herself. She also struggles with her feelings toward Lucien. In this Center Marion and Martina reside, they are both powerful fire witches. They are very different and one important difference is that Caia trusts Marion, but is unsure of Martina’s intensions. Caia and Lucien spend almost the entire book fighting, it could have been resolved by having a simple conversation but they are both so stubborn. Everyone knows how they feel about each other; they just have to tell each other. Their relationship is definitely dysfunctional. It broke my heart the way they were treating each other, especially after learning about the special connection they have. Lucien’s ex-girlfriend Rose came to the Center and wanted to get back together with him, but he didn’t bother to let Caia know that he wasn’t interested, that drove me crazy! I don’t know who I wanted to slap more, Lucien for being a typical guy or Rose for butting in where she did not belong.

This book totally draws you in as you experience their world. There are so many twists and turns; this book is a great addition to the Lunarmorte series. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book since this one left off with a cliffhanger. I’m so glad I already have the next book.

I give this book a 4/5 as well only because of the writing again, but definitely better this time. I really fell in love with the first book; the characters and the plot. In this book I had the same experience; I love how the characters grew to know themselves and each other more. I can’t wait to finish the next book and see what finally happens. There’s definitely something for everyone, whether you are into faeries, lykans, or vampires. I really enjoyed this book.       

Midnight Fantasies.

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