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Shadow By Olivia Cooper on Sale

Author: Olivia Cooper
Published: June 11, 2013

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* On sale today through August 9
* It has 4 & 5 star ratings on Goodreads and Amazon

Shadow by Olivia Cooper


Angelina Hathaway was a baby when her mother gave her up for adoption. Now eighteen years old, she meets Guillermo - a handsome, arrogant boy who was sent from Europe to tell her that she’s inherited a vast fortune from her birth parents along with an explosive secret about her lineage that will change her forever. 

Unfortunately, there are people who know her secret and will stop at nothing to control her for their own purposes, or even kill her. In order to escape, she must decide between those she can trust and those she can’t…before it’s too late.


Olivia Cooper lives in Northern California with her husband, two children, goat, five chickens and two cats. She enjoys reading, hiking and baking. She's written for various magazines, newspapers and radio. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication.


She was tied to a chair and could barely move.  She gradually lifted her head up and tried to remember what had happened.   Her head hurt and her memory was foggy.  She could barely see out of one eye and her hands throbbed from the tight rope wrapped around them. 

She remembered coming home after a wonderful evening at the opera.  She had worn an elegant cream-colored floor-length gown that matched her red diamond necklace and earrings perfectly.  She had a huge collection of jewelry that had been passed down through generations of her family but this set was particularly special as it had been given to her by her late husband.  It was a piece that had been passed down through his family for almost a thousand years.  Even though she was an older woman now and not the striking beauty that she was in her younger years, she loved dressing up as it made her feel beautiful. 

When she arrived at the opera, she went inside and headed to the box that had been owned by her family for generations.  She had loved going to the opera since she was a little girl.  She loved the music, the costumes and the drama.  She and her husband always loved going to the opera together before he died 18 years ago.  Since then, she made plans with friends to meet her at the opera every time a new show premiered.

The ushers recognized her and opened the door at her approach.  Inside she found that her friends were already waiting.  They had ordered drinks and had her favorite glass of wine waiting for her. 

“There you are Gianna!  We’ve been waiting for you!” one of her friends said.

Plates of antipasti were on the table and they all nibbled as they talked.  There were soft, nutty cheeses, cured meats, savory olives and handmade breads, still warm from the oven.  The opera began and she let the music envelope her.  It was her favorite – La Traviata.  She knew the story line backward and forward and had been looking forward to this performance for months. 

The pain in her head was too great to continue thinking.  She looked down.  She was still wearing the cream-colored gown although it was tattered, ripped in spots and had blood splashed across it.  God, her head hurt. 

She looked around her room with her one good eye and saw that it had been pulled apart.  Her furniture was knocked over, her papers strewn across the floor, her collectibles smashed.  Her possessions.   It was silly to be sentimental about them at a time like this, when she was tied to a chair and her life may be at risk, but her possessions told her life story.  They were her memories.  They were gifts that had been given to her by loved ones, treasures passed down from her family, and things she had picked up from her travels.  Her home was her sanctuary from the world and it made her angry to see it that way.  She wondered what type of person felt like they had the right to have such a casual disregard for her life like that.

Suddenly, she heard hammering in the other room and realized that she wasn’t alone.  She tried to twist out of the ropes but they were so tight that she could barely breathe.  Her anger turned to fear as she wondered who was in the next room, what was going to happen to her and why the hammering.


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