Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Trailer and Discussion

Can I just say how obsessed I am about this movie!! I can’t wait for it to hit theaters so that I can go to the midnight premier. I am just so excited! This is the first book to movie adaptation that I’ll be watching that I read the book first. If you haven’t read the series you need to like NOW! It is so good, it’s my absolute favorite series. I read it last year and I’m planning on reading it before I see the movie.

I like the characters now, I was really skeptical in the beginning cause of the British accents because it wasn’t mentioned in the books, but I let that go it’s not really important. Magnus Bane was not at all what I pictured but he’s gorgeous with his eyes glowing in the trailer. I pictured him to look like Jace is pictured in the City of Bones; wavy blonde hair and muscular. He’s actually the only “not main character” that is in all the books, he’s always needed one way or another. I don’t have any major complaints about the cast, I’m just immensely happy that this book got to become a movie.

Ok so for you guys that have read the series, did you enjoy it, what do you think about the actors portraying the characters, do you like them, are they what you had in mind when you read the books? Are you Team Jace or Simon? I am Team Jace sorry Simon.

XO Itara

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