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Review: On The Rocks By Alyssa Rose Ivy

On The Rocks (Mixology, #2)

On The Rocks By Alyssa Rose Ivy
Series: Mixology # 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: May 29, 2014
Source: eARC provided for blog tour
My Rating

Love is best served on the rocks. 

My roommates look really good naked. At least one of them does. I’m sure the other one does too, but I haven’t seen him without his pants on. Living with two guys wasn't something I’d ever considered, but the opportunity fell in my lap, and I’d have been crazy to turn it down.

College went by in a great big blur leaving me with less of a direction than I had going in. Add in a family that wanted nothing to do with me, and my post-college plans were less than clear. What’s a girl to do when she has nowhere else to turn? She moves to the Outer Banks and learns to bartend. After all, it was my horrible bartending skills that led me to my roommate’s bed and into his heart.

"On a deeper dive it's more important." - Macon

"What he means is that on a deeper dive it could kill you." - Brody

"Kill me?" - Carly

"Thanks, asshole." - Macon

"Just kiss her Macon. That might speed up her heart, but it will probably get rid of her nerves." Brody winked.

Two seconds later his lips were on mine.


"I have no clue what we're going to do at the end of summer, but I'm not giving you up." - Macon 

"Considering I have no plans of  giving you up, you're good." Carly

"You're going to stay with me?
 Follow me to the ends of the earth?" - Macon

"Yes." - Carly


"I thought it would be funny to make you think I was proposing." - Macon

"How do you I'm not disappointed?" - Carly

"Because when I propose, which I will be doing at some point, love, you're not going to have that freaked out expression on your face. It's going to seem so natural that you don't even have to consider the answer." - Macon


I thought this story was cute and fluffy, although it had it's naughty moments but nothing dark. This story is about Carly and Macon, two roommates trying to fight the attraction they have for each other until they can't anymore and they just collide together. I liked both of these characters and I loved that there were other characters from the previous book, Colin and Maddy. Colin is Carly's brother. They were a lot in this book and I liked that because that way I feel like the author didn't forget about the other characters. I like how they all have a close nit relationship, they're there for each other. 

Carly and Macon tried fight their feelings toward each other and he even acted like the 'big brother' by saving her from random guys that he thought weren't any good for her. Yeah right big brother, he was a jealous alpha with anger issues, but that's how I like them. I like reading about how a guy feels about his girl, so I loved that this book was dual POV. Not all books are and when it's only the girl's POV I feel like I'm missing something. 

I liked Carly and Macon's chemistry together, I feel like they were a good match and could really make it. I also liked them as characters individually, Macon was very supportive of Carly and did sweet things to show that he cared for her, I thought that was cute. The plot and the writing was also good, no complaints. 

If you're in the mood for a cute summer read then check out On the Rocks. 

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