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Saving Toby

Title: Saving Toby
 Author: Suzanne McKenna Link
 Release date: August 26th, 2013
 Genre: New Adult

Book Description:
Loving someone through their hard fall from grace takes a lot of grit.
In school, Toby Faye was a moody kid who sat in the back of class and looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. Claudia Chiametti, the perfect student, always sat in the front row. She might have forgotten him if it weren't for the fact that his family had been involved in two tragic events. In the small town of Sayville, Long Island, many knew of the family’s dark history.

Hired on as a caretaker to Mrs. Faye, Claudia is thrown into the lives of the widow and her son — a world where sadness lingers and old wounds run deep. Now twenty-one, Toby is not so quiet. A mass of muscles and unruly hair, he is a real head turner. He is jaunty with the confidence his masculine good looks afford him. While not immune to his sexual advances, Claudia sees beyond the cocky grin. Up close, his blue-grey eyes expose something else.

Despite her father’s stern warnings about the family’s violent history, Claudia is empathetic to their plight and vows to help both mother and son move past the hurt. This endeavor forces her to face situations she never imagines possible. She must be tougher than she's ever had to be. Does Claudia have the grit to love Toby through his fall?
Saving Toby, the author's debut novel, is the first book of a two-part story that follows the emotional and gritty tale of a young couple's journey to find themselves and the love they never dreamed existed.

*Due to some explicit scenes and language, this fictional story is meant for mature readers.

After the fight and Diane’s proposition, I was feeling hyped up and reckless. I looked up at her as she leaned over me. So close, I could smell her and feel her skin radiating heat. Even if she wasn’t aware of it, her body was calling me.
“You smell good,” I murmured, and I slid my hand around the back of her knee, feeling the warmth of her leg.
She slapped it away like an annoying mosquito. “I’m not wearing any perfume.”
It was true. She didn’t smell of flowers, vanilla, or any other namable scents, but that didn’t mean she didn’t still get to me. I had an urge to taste the smell of her skin.
“I guess I just like the way you naturally smell.” I admired her body, letting my eyes travel slowly upwards, my gaze hanging on each curve. I put my hand back on her leg and caressed her thigh. Our exchange suddenly became less like a ball game and more of a hunt.
“Don’t start this again.” Grumbling impatiently, she pushed the offending hand away. “We’re just friends, remember?”
“Right, the ‘f’ word,” I quipped.
Ignoring me, she leaned forward to apply the bandage. I tried to snatch it from her. “I got this.”
“Just let me finish,” she said, refusing to give up the bandage.
“You’re too close.” I sat up, continuing the tug-of-war. “My hormones are raging.”
“Oh, come on.” She scoffed. “Seriously?”
I patted my lap. “Sit right here and see for yourself.” Her eyes darted downwards. Releasing the bandage like the thing had just grown legs, she practically hopped away. All I could do was laugh.
Keeping her distance, Claudia followed me to the bathroom and watched as I faced the mirror and applied the bandage. When I finished, I rested my hands on the basin. The cut wasn’t too bad, but the area was swollen. I’d have to come up with something to tell Julia.
What a night. I closed my eyes and took a slow breath.
“God, I really want a cigarette,” I grumbled aloud. Turning to face her, I raised my eyebrows hopefully. “Since I gave up smoking for you, I think you should kiss me and help me forget about wanting one.”
She covered her mouth with her knuckles and shook her head, but not before I saw her hide a coy smile. I didn’t expect her to agree, but the flirty refusal only stoked the fire.
I made a grab for her, but she quickly stepped back away from me. Reaching into her back pocket, she pulled out a pack of gum.

“I’ve heard chewing gum helps with cravings.”

About the Author

Suzanne McKenna Link

 Suzanne McKenna Link is the debut author of SAVING TOBY. The literary love story follows the moving journey of a damaged young man and his love for a girl who might just save him. An avid interest in psychology has Suzanne digging deep into the reasons for her characters' behaviors. The native Long Islander is fascinated by the how and why of people's actions. As a result, her characters come to life on the pages.
Suzanne is currently working on "Keeping Claudia," the emotional sequel and finale to Saving Toby. To keep up-to-date on Suzanne’s newest writing endeavours.

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