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Review: Falling For You By Lisa Schoeder

Falling For You

Falling For You
Author: Lisa Schroeder
Source: Won Through a Goodreads Giveaway/Signed Copy
368 Pages
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Rae's always dreamed of dating a guy like Nathan. He’s nothing like her abusive stepfather—in other words, he’s sweet. But the closer they get, the more Nathan wants of her time, of her love, of her...and the less she wants to give. 

As Rae’s affection for Nathan turns to fear, she leans on her friend Leo for support. With Leo, she feels lighter, happier. And possessive Nathan becomes jealous. 

Then a tragedy lands Rae in the ICU. Now, hovering between life and death, Rae must find the light amid the darkness…and the strength to fight for life and the love she deserves. 

Lisa Schroeder

Hi! I'm the author of the young adult novel FALLING FOR YOU as well as the Oregon Book award finalist THE DAY BEFORE. My other YA novels include I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME, FAR FROM YOU and CHASING BROOKLYN, all published by Simon Pulse. If you've read one or more of them, thank you!

I'm also the author of three middle grade novels for 8-12 year olds: IT'S RAINING CUPCAKES, SPRINKLES AND SECRETS, and FROSTING AND FRIENDSHIP, all published by Aladdin.

In 2014, I'll have a new YA out called THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU and a new middle grade series called CHARMED LIFE.

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Some of Lisa's other books

I Heart You, You Haunt Me                 The Day Before    Chasing Brooklyn
I heart you,                                 The Day After           Chasing Brooklyn
You Haunt Me             

There is definitely darkness and light in this book. I liked Rae, she was so strong and resilient, it's admirable. I would have been a mess, my emotions would be all over the place. Instead she did positive things other than sulk in her misfortune. She liked to write poetry, she started publishing some for the school paper and people seemed to like them. It started to get a following so other people started publishing under 'Anonymous' as well. Then she started another little revolution by publishing under her own name and told her class about things she'd been hiding. Everyone joined in and it brought them together instead of pulling them apart for their confessions or differences. That was really inspiring to read, everyone sharing their experiences especially the hurtful ones and the embarrassing ones that would take a lot of guts to admit. 

The book went back and forth from Rae being in the hospital to a few months back when she started seeing Nathan. It gave the readers a sense of mystery and suspense. I hated it because i don't like feeling that way, I like to know what's going but I guess it draws in the readers to want to know what happened. 

Rae started dating Nathan and everything seemed to go good but he had a lot going on and needed her more than she needed him. I felt so bad for him. I think she should have given him another chance (IMO). I think he just needed someone to talk to and understand him, he was going crazy with everything that was happening to him and just needed advice, I know Rae had her own problems to  deal with but I think she shouldn't have shut him out, he looked like a sensitive guy and just had misplaced emotions. He had just moved into town and had a shocking experience, his world was changing and Rae didn't take the time to help him and it was so sad because he wasn't a bad guy he just wanted attention from his girlfriend. I liked Nathan up until Rae got really tired of him, like her last straw. I think he did take it too far by calling her names. The stalking I could deal with I mean Edward Cullen anyone? Lol. Anyway... I would have helped Nathan and he wouldn't have gone crazy like he did.

Starting off I hated her stepfather. I know it's a strong word, but he was a bad man. Taking her paychecks that she worked hard for, that was what really got me mad, I wanted to punch him in the face... repeatedly. Another thing, he mom was a really bad parent, always making her do chores and agreeing with whatever her step dad says. How irritating, sometimes I wanted to throw the book to the wall. But I also felt like the ending was nice and simple and Rae seemed to not let the bad experiences bring her down. She just kept on being light and cheerful. It goes to show that there's a rainbow after it rains, you just have to get through the rain to find it. 

*I want to thank Lisa, she was so wonderful and sweet to work with. She sent me the book signed and a bookmark signed, she really went an extra step and I was so happy about it.

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