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Review & Excerpt of Addicted To You Series Books 1-3 By Lucy Covington

New Adult Romance Boxed Set (The Addicted To You Collection)

Dangerously Damaged #1
Beautifully Broken #2
Perfectly Protected #3
Kindle Edition 
Pages 147
New Adult Contemporary/ Recommended for readers 18+
My Rating:

Dangerous. Sexy. Damaged. 

These are the words used to describe Justin Brown.

Intelligent. Capable. Responsible.

These are the words used to describe Lindsay Cramer.

Irresistible. Addicting. Passionate.

These are the words used to describe their relationship.

Good girl Lindsay Cramer has her life completely in order, and she keeps her goals on a checklist -- obtain scholarship to Ivy League University, finish undergrad, and move on to med school. She’s worked hard to get where she is, and she’s determined not to let anything – or anyone -- get in her way.

Until she meets Justin Brown. JB is gorgeous, and the kind of guy who is all wrong for Lindsay -- the kind of guy who is all wrong for anyone . He drinks, he fights, and he has a secret past Lindsay’s not so sure she wants to know about.

But when the two of them are together, Lindsay can’t help but lose herself in him. It’s the way his eyes burn when he looks at her. The way his smile makes her dizzy. The way his hands feel on her body.

Soon, Lindsay and Justin are completely addicted to each other. But when their dangerous game culminates with Lindsay having to make a shocking choice, will she be able to keep JB in her life? And if so, will she lose everything in the process?

I hesitated. Should I really be doing this? 

A weird shiver of fear slid up my spine. I had no idea who this guy was, or what he was doing here. Last night he was acting like a complete thug, and tonight he was dressed like an investment banker. Every part of me was screaming that this guy was bad news.

But I didn’t care. Something about him was captivating me, pushing me toward
him and whatever that entailed, even if it turned out to be bad.

I headed out the door, and as I walked back across campus, I had to resist the urge to run. Justin was unpredictable – what if I got back there, and he was gone?

But he wasn’t gone. He was sitting on a bench.

“Ready?” he asked.

I took a deep breath. “Ready.”

I really liked this series but I wish it was dispersed better. The author is selling each book $2.99 for a chapter, so it's not even a book. I have only read these 3 books and I want to read so much more but each continuing book is about 50 pages or so & there are 9 of them. Idk what the author is trying to do but it makes no sense to sell a chapter every so often. It's a big tease that I do not appreciate. I am very interested in knowing where the story goes but I will not continue on because of the length of each "book". It's not even about the price, I'll happily pay for a full book.. My problem is the length of the so called books. I've read reviews of readers that have gotten further than I have and they like the story, they just have the same problem as me.

Other than that issue, I really liked where the story is going and how well things were flourishing. Each book title and cover is amazing, promising more to come but delivering very little in each book. Things were starting to make sense by book 3, but I can't read anymore.


  1. That is understandable! I don't see the sense in selling it for so much. Glad you enjoyed it though.

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    1. I'm still glad I read it. It was a really great story.


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