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Review Accidents & Incidents By Riley Graham

Accidents & Incidents

Published: December 11, 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Source: Netgalley for Review
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Sometimes finding love means taking the scenic route ... Living with her faultfinding mother has taught Leslie not to ask for much. Just watch your step, stay on the sidelines, and take what you can get. But she wants a mom who thanks her for cleaning the kitchen instead of yelling at her for missing a spot, and a boyfriend who does more than score her a seat at the popular table-someone who actually notices her sitting there. So when Cain, the school heartbreaker, turns his Carolina blue eyes her way, Leslie can't help but be tempted, even if he's her boyfriend's best friend. Things get even more complicated when Leslie strikes up unlikely friendships with Meredith, Cain's girlfriend, and Dennis, a boy addicted to cigarettes and solitude. Despite his tough exterior, Dennis seems to understand Leslie in a way that no one ever has, and to need her as much as she needs him. For the first time in her life, Leslie feels like she could belong. She's just not sure where.

About Riley
Riley Graham lives in North Carolina with her husband, two dogs, two cats, and an embarrassing number of dust bunnies. She likes to think of them as her muses--the dust bunnies, that is. The dogs and cats keep her sane when they're not driving her insane, and the husband . . . well, that's classified information.

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This book reminds me of the movie Crash; a bunch of characters thrown together to make a whole. It's something I don't particularly like. This book is in Leslie's perspective but there isn't much happening to her just everyone around her. I just didn't see where the story was going so I couldn't finish it. I was at 91% and thinking when was Leslie going to be happy. I would have liked to read about any other character in the book other than her. I think all the other characters had more depth to them, Leslie was just plain and didn't have real problems like the others. This book had a really good synopsis but that's about it. Once I started getting into the story then I figured something good was going to happen like a good romance, but it didn't happened. When I read a book I'm looking for a good romance, this book's blurb says clearly that Leslie finds love, but if I have to wait until 91% or more for a romance to happen, it's not worth it to me. What type of romance can you have/create with only 10% of the book? 

So if you're the kind of person that liked the movie Crash and like books that have more important and life changing things happening to other characters and not the main character then this book is for you, but it's not for me. I think the book would have worked better the book was in the other characters' perspectives as well and that somehow they found a happy ending, but up until I read everything was unresolved for everyone and I don't get how all that can get resolved in 10% of the book unless it was rushed.  

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