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Review: Deadly Beginnings (Deadly # 0.5) By Jaycee Clark

Deadly Beginnings (Deadly #0.5)

Deadly Beginnings
Series: Deadly # 0.5
Published: January 26, 2014
Publisher: Beyond The Page
166 Pages
My Rating: 

Jaycee Clark is best known for her Deadly books, a series of romantic suspense novels featuring the very sexy Kinncaid brothers. But before Aiden, Ian, Brayden, Gavin, and Quinlan there was Jock Kinncaid, the charismatic patriarch to the Kinncaid family, and Kaitlyn O’Reilly, the woman who captured his heart forever. 

Kaitlyn O’Reilly, an RN, believed she’d found love with the charming and well-liked surgeon she’d met at work. Landon Goldburg was kind, attentive, and she thought they had so much in common. Now engaged, the good doctor has quickly become the man of her nightmares. As he grows more controlling and violent, Kaitlyn wants her freedom. 

Jock Kinncaid can’t stop thinking about the quietly beautiful—and engaged—redhead he met at a fund-raising gala months ago. He knows a spitfire lurks beneath the surface of this woman who’s invaded his dreams, and he knows she’s exactly what’s been missing from his otherwise ideal life. When a chance meeting throws the two of them together again, Jock swears he won’t let her get away this time. 

But even as Jock vows to protect the woman he loves and Kaitlyn struggles to trust Jock and the passion between them, the deranged doctor is bent on destroying them both, even if it means killing the only thing he loves.

About Jaycee

Jaycee Clark

Once upon a time I thought...hmmm.... maybe I should write a book.  Yeah, well, who knew that would be the beginning of my insanity in a sane creation.
I enjoy playing with imaginary people in my head.  Sometimes those people are nice, sometimes they're not, but in the end, the girl gets the guy so all is well.
I live in Texas with my family who puts up with my strangeness and appreciates my weirdness--or so they claim.  We promote weirdness.  There's also the cats and the corgis who, in truth, rule the family.  When I'm not chained to my keyboard, I'm doubling as a parent, a teacher, a maid, a chef, a chauffer, a therapist, and promoting my education in human development.
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"Took you long enough!"

Jock  threw back his head and laughed. "Kaitie lass, I drove here like a soul escaping hell and thankfully didn't have a traffic accident. But you're welcome."

"He'd make it so she didn't have to worry. Now that she was back in his life, he wasn't just going to sit back and let her go."

"So many blessings, Kaitie."

"It's all just beginning, isn't it?" 

"A beginning worth waiting for."

I really liked this book and after I read it I saw all the other books that came ahead of it I'm interested in reading the complete series. This book was pretty much how it all started; it's the prequel. I hadn't read a book like this before, it's in order of how I like to read things; from where they start, but it's technically the last book in the series.

I thought that Deadly Beginnings had a really good storyline. Jock meets Kaitlyn at an event and he instantly knows that she is the woman he is going to marry, but she's engaged to another man who is certainly not good for her because he didn't treat her right. This story is told in three perspectives; Kaitlyn, Jock, and Landon. The book starts off in Landon's perspective and the more I read, the more I hated him, he was a real monster. He liked to play God and not in the doctor aspect, in his personal life. He liked to date women that weren't as socially upscale as him, he didn't like independent women, he liked to control them and make them into the perfect wife for him. He would pick what they wore, how they spoke, and managed every aspect of their lives and when they disobeyed they got punished. Talk about being in a nightmare relationship, poor Kaitlyn didn't know how to get away from him. An unexpected encounter with Jock changes everything for her and her future. I was rooting for Jock the whole time, he was so sweet, caring, affectionate, and patient. He cared for her and treated her with respect and encouraged her to go to medical school; something that Landon didn't want her to pursue, but not Jock, he wanted her to make her own choices in life, to do what made her happy.

I was so happy to learn how far Jock would go to protect Kaitlyn from Landon who was enraged when she left him and would stop at nothing to get her back. It was so good for Kaitlyn to have a normal relationship where she could be herself. I was so happy with the ending and now I have more books to read about this family.

I recommend Deadly Beginnings to all you romantics out there, you'll be happy with this one.   

Buy the other 5 books in the series. Deadly Beginnings isn't part of this package.

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