Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Author Spotlight- Jessica Gibson

Jessica Gibson

First and foremost, I'm a wife to an amazing man, and mother to a 2 year old little boy. I love to read when I can find the time, my Kindle is my best friend. I've read tons and tons of books. One of my favorite authors is Diana Gabaldon, her Outlander series is absolutely amazing. I also really enjoy Charlaine Harris' True Blood series. I'll read anything supernatural, I've blown through most of the good YA series' that are out there. I think my love of reading really helped me branch out into writing.


The Harder I Fall

The Harder I Fall

Dressed in White

Dressed in White

The Deeper We Get (The Harder I Fall #2)

The Deeper We Get (COMING SOON)

The Boston Witches series
The Blood Ties series
Haunted U


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