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Interview with Shari J. Ryan Author of Fissure Free

Fissure Free (Schasm #2)

Fissure Free By Shari J. Ryan
Release Date: May 15, 2014
Publisher: Booktrope

Author Shari J Ryan reunites the colorful cast of friends and family in Book 2 of the Schasm Series with a powerful tribute to the power of the mind and heart in this romantic, suspenseful, and engaging novel.

After nineteen years of suffering with a psychological condition, ethereal Chloe had finally come close to finding her ultimate escape—or, so she thinks on the vibrant streets of Paris.
Finally in a relationship with Alex, a man she fell in love with in Schasm, Chloe thinks life is finally coming together. As she battles her own demons, she attempts to repair the damaged man she’s grown to love. But as his clouded past abruptly crashes into their lives and falls heavily upon their budding romance, Chloe must fight to maintain her relationship.

Although even when the problems begin to subside, she comes to realize certain things cannot be escaped. Franco, her disillusioned, serial-killing uncle has taken up residency in Chloe and Alex’s life. In search for an item that belongs to Chloe, Franco will deceive, connive and conquer until he finds what he is after—that is, unless, Chloe finds a way to beat him at his own game.

Just as Chloe believes she might have sealed the doors of darkness once and for all, new questions, new findings and new inceptions arise. Whether or not Chloe wants to continue forward with the path her life seems to be leading, she quickly learns that any choice she makes will ultimately land her in a place she never knew she was destined to be.

Shari J. Ryan

Shari J. Ryan:

Shari J. Ryan hails from Central Massachusetts where she lives with her hubby and two lively little boys. Writing has become Shari’s great escape from the real world over the past few years. After a bout of postpartum depression with her first child, Shari was determined to occupy her brain enough to eliminate some of the blue moments in life. When she found writing to help as a newfound therapy, she started her first book. Her books brought her out of postpartum depression and helped her overcome it when her second son was born. Shari likes to think writing saves her mind. She even used one of the characters in the book (the main character’s protagonist mother), to veer away from the type of person she refuses to become. Shari has two happy little boys and the Schasm series to show for her unorthodox therapeutic method.


Who was your favorite character to write about?

A: My favorite character to write was Tomas. I love how quirky and crazy he is. It was fun not having to put a limit on insanity with him.
Can you tell us a little about your writing process?

A: I just write. Normally, I'm a very organized person, but when it comes to writing, I like to get all of my ideas out first, and then organize later.

Who is your favorite romantic couple in literature?

A: Would it be cliché to say Bella and Edward? :) 

What is next for you?

A: Now that I’ve completed the writing process of Schasm, I’m currently working on a New Adult series. There will be more adult situations, more romance, and some mystery.

Do you ever get bored writing?

A: Never. I could write all day, every day if I had the time.

*Thanks to Shari for taking the time for this post and no, Bella and Edward's story was epic, totally original and unforgettable*

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