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Review: Girl lost By Nazarea Andrews

Girl Lost

Girl Lost By Nazarea Andrews
Published: May 1, 2014
Publisher: A&A Literary
Source: eARC received for review
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Northern was supposed to be a fresh start—a place where people didn’t know who I was or how I had spent years in and out of mental institutes. People didn't know about my parents death or the island no one heard of. But when Peter sits next to me in lit class, I can’t stop the memories, and I don’t want to. He looks too much like the boy from the island, and despite my best intentions, coaxes my secrets from me.

He’s gorgeous, irresistible, a little mad, and completely lost—we are a pair of broken cogs in a world neither of us truly fits into. He is somehow gentle and fierce, heartbreaking in his devotion and savage in his defense.

When Belle, his best friend, shows up, pale and lovely and sick, Peter pulls away from me, a startling withdrawal. It’s a relationship that scares and confuses me. She is at times warm and friendly, and other times is violent and unpredictable.

Peter says that he wants me, but refuses to let himself get close. And there are secrets, surrounding both of us, that border on nightmares. As the memories close in, as Belle gets sicker and more violent, I’m torn between what is true and what I believe, and what this magical boy knows about my mysterious past.

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Nazarea Andrews

Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

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"I've watched you. Not in a creeper sense-he grins when my eyes widen- "but in a 'there's Gwen, and I can't think of anything else' sense."- Peter

"Leave me alone Peter!"- Gwen
"I can't leave you alone. I've tried."- Peter

"He doesn't deserve you." "And he's a douche who isn't good enough for you." - Peter
"Says my very own  stalker."-Gwen

"For you, Gwendy, there's very little I wouldn't do."- Peter

He kisses with raw passion. There is something desperate about the way he holds me to him. 
He kisses me like he's waited years for this one moment, like he can't quite believe it's real.

"It was a long time ago. I don't know if you remember. You were young, and he was young, and he never forgot you. It's that simple- he couldn't forget you. You changed him." Belle
"Then stay with me." he says softly
"For how long?"- Gwen
"Pixie, I'm a greedy thief. Don't you know I would only ever want forever?"

"I didn't mean you should show up at the cafe and assault a guy for talking to me."- Gwen

"He wants you. He tells you that you don't belong with me. What in the hell do you think I'm going to do with that shit? Have you not picked up on the fact that I'm a possessive bastard?"- Peter

"Yeah, babe. I did get that. You're worse than a two-year old when it comes to sharing."

"I love you, Gwendy, and I'll give you anything I possibly can. But don't ask me to share you."- Peter

Gwen lost her parents at the age of twelve in a tragic way, in order for her to deal with that traumatic experience, she thinks and everyone around her does too that she created a a boy who comforted her. Nobody has ever seen the boy and don't know where this mysterious island is where he took her. So she spends seven years of her life trying to put it back together, trying to convince herself that it wasn't real even though they feel so vivid to her. A twist on the classic tale of Peter Pan.

I really enjoyed this book, I connected with Gwen, I felt her pain and all that she went through. Nazarea made the characters that we can all relate to. Gwen was introverted but she came out of her shell a little bit throughout the book. She was trying to make a life for herself and we can all relate to that. Gwen was a great character, so was Peter, although he was very mysterious. I liked Orchid and James, they were so good together. I loved Gwen's interactions with Grayson, he was very understanding towards her. Her brother Micah was also there for her to take care of her and was always trying to help her get better. I think their Aunt J was very right about James' role towards her, taking care of Gwen helped him after their parents died because he had something to concentrate on, helping her get better and be strong for her so he wouldn't feel the effects of the trauma himself. 

What I wish was included in the book was more information about Peter and everything that's going on with him. The information on about him and what he shared was very vague. And the ending left a lot to be desired and so many unanswered questions. I want to know more, about Peter, about their relationship, their future together, and what happens next.   

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